My Window
Emily Zylstra

I look out of you and see:
A squirrel climbing up a tree
Wind rustling through the leaves
Rain pouring on the eaves
Hear the birds twittering in their nests
This is spring when at its best
But then we see a transformation
And the weather sets off for a new destination
Clear skies and hot days
Feeling the warm sun blaze
Roasting food over an open fire
Seeing all of the stars to admire
Then the leaves start to fall
And the nights begin to sprawl
We see the colors orange and red
Where leaves have already been shed
But then the wind turns very cold
And the snow becomes uncontrolled
Until it piles upon the ground
All the grass becomes drowned
We sled down a giant hill
And we don’t even mind the chill
All of this we look and see
Whatever season it may be
I look out of you,
My window