Books Hold the Secretes, of Tales Untold
Kris Van Gent 
Books hold the secrets, of tales untold
And memories, that time cannot unfold
In pages, we find, knowledge divine
That neither time nor memory can confine.

Forgetting is a curse, that we all fear
The loss of things, we hold so dear
But books are like a friend, that never leaves
And their stories, our memory believes.

We may forget, the things that we have known
But in books, they’re forever shown
For they’re the keepers, of history’s flame
And hold the truth, that will always remain.

So when we find, our memory’s on the wane
And our thoughts, no longer seem the same
We turn to books, and find our peace
For they will never forget, what they release.

So let us cherish, the books that we own
For they’ll never forget, what we have known
And in their pages, we’ll find our way
And the memories, that we thought were lost, will stay.