A Poem for the Poets in Our Poetry Contest

Curiously Written Together

A bookstore is where creativity abounds
Sparked by poets and authors alike
Where many stories and words can be found
Along with the poem you write
Add a theme, words & a few sturdy rules
A contest is blended with fun and reward
Sharing your best ideas, feelings and moods.
No entry will be ignored
Third grade through fifth – your theme is “The Wind”
“A Window” – the theme for 6 to 8 th grade
Highschoolers theme “Living in a Nest” their poem to spin
“Forgetting” the theme for adults their poem to be made
You have until February’s end
Between 3 & 55 lines
We are curious about what you will send
Submit to our email your rhymes.

by Aimee Moore, Tricia Staff, and Olivia Staff
Staff at the Curiosity Shop bookstore