The Wind

Ava Hennefeld

When I see the wind I see it pulling the leaves off the fall trees. I see the wind shove the clouds through the sky. 

When I hear the wind I hear its rasping voice calling out as it rips across the world. I hear the wind screaming as it summons a storm. 

When I feel the wind I feel it cover me in either warmth or coldness. I feel the wind twirling around me. 

When I think about the wind I think of the wind as a creature who can be tame at times or can be a rabid beast. 

The wind will do what it desires and we shall accept its decision.



Caitlin Zondervan

The force strong and blinding, 
There was truly no denying, 
The leaves would dance and the branches would sway,
But with my feet on the ground, here I will stay, It pushed and shoved me, 

The force was above me, 
But I was too in-depth, 
And couldn’t give up yet, 
Pushing harder and harder, 

I was moving farther, 
But the force was growing, 
Strong and blowing, 
The trees no longer danced, 

But rather flailed in a trance, 
My heart couldn’t stop racing, 
But then the blowing had stopped,
My heart skipped a beat,
The trees stop flailing, I knew now I wasn’t failing,
So I climb a hill, 

Where the trees were still,
And as my eyes closed,
the world turned black,
My body was calm, 
But my mind wouldn’t rest.


The Wind 

Author Unknown

The wind is a thing that blows things in the breeze,
A wonderful thing that can sing to me. 

When outside in the winter air, take a good look,
A really hard stare, at the things blowing everywhere. 

No matter where, no matter when, the wind has always been, Wind. 

Either on a stage or in a mountain range, 
The wind is important to everything. 

The trees blow in the breeze and we get air. 
Somehow the wind provides it out of nowhere! 

The wind keeps air flowing as long as life keeps going. 

The wind is nice, to me, it feels like rice. 
So on a windy day, I shout hooray. 

In a plane, car or train, 
The wind will come to you again and again. 

Wind can be cold, hot or warm, 
Rushes so fast in a rainstorm. 

It comes, it goes when nobody knows, 
Transporting things, not more than a boat. 

The wind will whip up and down, 
spinning , swirling, around and around. 

Wind can be part of many things, for example,
A very rough tornado. 

Although in space and mostly up there, 
There is no wind absolutely nowhere. 

Though down to earth you finally see, 
All the wind, blowing, around me.

The wind can tear, torture and turn,
And can make fire burn burn burn. 

But all around us 
It can also help us. 

So coming down to the wind it self,
The wind can’t die, burn or melt. 

In clouds on land or at sea, 
The wind will always be important to me.



Jasmine Buse

Sometimes cold sometimes warm 
If you listen closely you can hear the wooshes, and swooshes 

The gentle breeze that it makes in your hair
Which direction is it heading for 

Makes violence when its mad, a tornado might appear
Makes seeds float like it’s there dream, and more so they can float to 

If you just lie down you might find out that its calming listen to 

Just listen to the waves that the wind is making
When your jogging and you are hot, the wind starts to gush think of it as an refreshment 

Sometimes it’s gentle sometimes its rough like the ocean

When you let your heart out, it feels like you’re floating you might as well read a book 

Let your kite soar through the sky at night and day
Throw a frisbee there and here, cause the wind might want to play 

The wind might want to have your balloon
Climb up a tree the wind will help you 

The wind wants to go there, while you need to go here
The wind has always been there when you were born and it will always be there for you 

If you listen closely you can hear the wind whisper or holler your name 

Love the wind because it’s always been there for you and since its always been there for you, you be there for the wind 

Be careful the wind will be blowing the snow all around on the roads it might as well blow you to Are you blushing on the wind, cause all I see are red cheeks.



Mackenzie Faber

Woosh swoosh wooh 
Cool, warm 
Fast, slow 
Hard, soft 
Tornado, hurricanes 
Violent, harmless 
Calming, scary 
These are all the things that wind are


The Wind 

Nienna Van Der Molen

Whistling, whistling, whistling pines,
Whistling, whistling, you’ll hear it in the mines.
What makes the whistling? What makes the sound?
It is the wind it brings around.
You get the wind in all the seasons,
For it’s there for very good reasons.
It’s best at night ‘cause it’s nice and cool,
Though it stings when you’re in the pool.
Whistling, whistling, whistling pines,
Whistling, whistling, you’ll hear it in the mines.


The Wind 

Miller Feldman

The wind is fast 
The wind is cool 
The wind is climbing up my back 

The wind is cold 
The wind is strong 
The wind is bold 

The wind has a breeze 
The wind has a purpose 
The wind can freeze 

The wind blows 
The wind has strength 
The winds sound grows 

The wind is always there 
The wind raises its sound 
The wind gazes through the air 

The wind will sway 
But wind will go away 
At the end of the day     


The Wind 

Whitley Sorheim

Can you hear the wind swishing in the air shivering at the sound of joy Can you hear the wind moving in our midst quivering at the light of day Can you hear the wind howling in the dark shimmering at the night of forgotten Can you hear the wind leaping in the silence dreaming for some light Can you hear the wind creeping in the forest waking for someone in the dumps Can you hear the wind?


The Wind 

Koen Kanis

It blows in the day.
It blows while I play.
It’s a friend to my kite.
But in the dark, it’s a fright!

When it gusts so hard,
It scatters the leaves across my yard.
Sometimes it feels too cold – 
Huffing and puffing, so bold!
Like the wicked wolf, it blows, 
Tingling and tickling my nose.

In the summer, it’s refreshing.
In the winter, it’s depressing.
In the spring, it makes me wheezy.
In the fall, it makes me freezy!      
     Oh, that crazy breezy!



Noah Golliet

Oh mystic spirit breath, your cool soft breeze on me.
How fickle you sometimes are.
Cough up all kinds of twisters great and mighty,
And sneeze hurricanes all haughty,
Yet in spite of their destruction
You shower us with peaceful breezes on a warm summer day.

Hark! Do you hear the sailors call on Thee?
Depend on Thee. 
Depend on Thy great wind spirit breath
To carry them safely to yonder shore.
Oh how playful you are with colorful banners
Strewn on the great stretch of sky.
Covering the mystery of why you breathe upon us.



Lucy Ainsworth

Wind is like a cheetah,
It is very fast.
It dashes through the trees,
Like a cheetah runs through the grass.


The Wind

Ameliya Beeler

Wind is strong when storms come along,
Wind is nice in summer.
Wind is cold in fall and winter,
But in spring the wind has to bring nice and cool weather


The Wind’s Ways

Abigail Bailey

The wind will go about its ways,
Blowing through the stormy seas,
And, when it has done its best,
It will go home and take a rest.

The wind is strong, the wind is weak,
The wind will blow throughout the peaks.
The wind will stop when God will say:
“Stop,” and it will go away.



Ruth Bailey

Wind is blowing through the trees.
Wind will blow the stormy seas.
North, South, East, and West:
These are the winds that blow.


Oh Wind, How I Love You.

Miranda Bandstra

Oh, wind how you cool me off in the summertime. I love it when you would blow my hair like I was in a movie. I am so sad now that I don’t have hair because of stupid cancer. But now that my cancer is gone my hair gets to grow back so I can feel you and act like a movie star again. Oh wind I love you to the moon and back one thousand times you are just Like a best friend to me oh wait you are my best friend. Oh, wind when it is cold outside you make it even colder, and did I mention I love the cold. Oh, wind how I love you! 

Love your best friend, Miranda 



Mallory Bandstra

Hey you over there. What’s your name? Wind. What do you do? I blow. For what? To make it nice and cool in the summer and cold during winter. Where do you live? Everywhere! Wind replied. How? Wind moves that’s how! Plus, I have siblings. How many? 3000,000,000. Oh my goodness!! I stay in the Utrited Mates in Amerrika I think. 

(You-Trited) (Am-Er Ika) 

It’s actually pronounced United States of America. Oh. I live here too. Hey Wind. Yeah? Make those guys over there cold. Okay. Huff Puff and Blowwwww!!!!!! Ha Ha! Take that! Want to meet the rest of my siblings?

Oh no!!


Children of the Wind

Alouette Bollman

Children of the Wind,
Cast their wishes upon the breeze
Blowing East,
Into the Trees.

Children of the Wind,
Sing their silent songs of sorrow,
Bringing Northern gusts chilling them 
To the bone.

Children of the Wind,
Each breath they take soothes 
The Southern blasts.

Children of the Wind,
Whisper fairy tales,
As Western gales grant
Them to life.



Yamileth Marquez

Chilly, cold air
Caresses your hair,
Makes a hot summer day
Cooler than yesterday.
Makes leaves fly
Up in the sky.
Make it fun to play
With my cousin all day.



Lizzy Sharkey

The wind blows 
   and has a cool flow. 
The wind blows through the trees 
   and makes a Cool breeze. 
The wind grows 
   as it shows. 
The wind hurts my ears 
   as it appears. 
I feel my bones shiver 
   as the trees quiver
It follows me everywhere I go it makes me feel
   Weird as the wind blows. 
My bedtime is at eight 
   I must not wait 
   I have to go I can not be late 
I hurry down the alley
   as the wind goes through the valley 
My mom made dinner but I can’t eat 
the wind went through my meat


All Because of Wind

Gabriella McAninch

Wind is strong 
Wind is Fierce 
As wind pulls on my ears 

Wind is cold 
Wind is fast 
As the wind breaks my cast 

Wind is loud 
Wind is soft 
As it rips apart my loft 

Wind might hurt 
Like a giant rock crushing all of my bones
On the sidewalk 

Wind is not what it seems 
But it gleams 

Wind pushes and pulls 
It winds and grinds 

You cannot grab it 
But you can touch it 

You cannot peel it 
But you can feel it 

There is not much time left 
At the end there will be death 

Flowers sway 
As other plants decay 


Home On My Way Home

Ellie Hardman

On my way home the wind blows with me as I go
I feel it in my bones 
I feel it in my soul 

I hear something that is following me every step of my way home 

Wind flows 
Wind blows 

Every step on my way home I hear something 
I think something 

I hear something that is following me 
Wind I hear it 
I feel it 

I shall not pass as I ask, 
For the wind comes with me as I go on 

You can’t see it 
But you can feel it