The Ballad of Little Bird
Alexander Demuth

There once was a little bird, living in a nest.
Living a life he thought was blessed.
Worms on his plate, and a warm bed,
Blankets of the finest thread.
Parents happy to give him all their love,
A life that fit just like a glove

As time passed, more fledglings were born,
And with their cries woke him every morn.
Now his mother bird had no time to talk,
Caring to his siblings’ constant squawk.

His feathers grew and his colors brightened,
His urge to leave and senses heightened.
He saw other birds in the sky, happy as can be,
And asked himself, “Why can’t that be me?”
His wings grew, and his heart longed,
To be in the sky, where he knew he belonged.

To find a mate, his own family create,
The little bird thought, “Wouldn’t it be great!”
The little bird thought and thought and thought,
How a change so big as this could be brought.

He prepared to ask his parents, body quivering with fright,
If they might grant him permission to take flight.
He opened his beak, and stated his cause,
After speaking his mind, his mouth gave pause.
The question itself brought a tear to his eye.
His parents said, “Little bird, please don’t cry!”
Because now it’s time to leave the nest and fly,
And tell your mother and father goodbye.