The Tempest’s Temper
Grayson Kanis
On a beautiful day
I went out to play.
I grabbed my kite
And to my delight,
The breeze made it fly-
Up, up, up into the sky.
The wind was friendly and warm,
But…a STORM!
Dark clouds soon covered the sun.
My fun was done.
Plop, Plop, the drops began falling.
Louder and louder, the wind was now hollering!
It whistled and roared,
And now the rain poured.
Its gusts pushed and pulled.
I am getting so cold.
Suddenly, the wind grew weak.
My enemy changed from mighty to meek.
The clouds melted away.
For the rest of the day,
A sorry sun and gentle breeze
Apologize and sweetly tease.
My clothes grew dry.
My kite again rose high.
My invisible foe is now my friend.
As long as he doesn’t get angry again.