Hornets Nest

Josie Boll

I have Hornets everywhere 
My empire their home
Sitting on my throne of deceit 
I wear my crown of thorns 

Built on whispers and murmurs in sleep
The unwanteds find a home 
Deep inside these catacombs 
My wealth of knowledge grows 

This towns going bad, they say
Just like all the rest 
But little do they know 
They live inside my Hornets Nest



Ashley Hernandez

The comfort of the warmth of sanctuary 
Is surrounding me 
I refuse to leave this sanctuary of mine
With my safety at this time 
Within this Nest of mine
I have all I can ask for 
I don’t want to leave this Nest of mine 
Eyes locked shut but peek to see
Outside of this Nest of mine
The weak breeze whispers nothing 
I begin to return back
To this Nest of mine


My Wings

Tristin Plants

It’s ocean-blue waves rippling across the sea.
That tiny glint of mischief that sparkles.
It invites me to come forward, captivating my attention.
But as much as I long to follow, it’s too soon.
My wings can’t hold me yet.
It’s the blaze of a copper sun.
Golden flecks dance around, teasing me; taunting me.
They laugh and sing and call and yell.
But as much as I want to join, it’s still too soon.
They wink, then they gaze.
But in the end, my wings just can’t hold me yet.
It stings like the frigid winds.
Gray overtakes, stony and harsh, confusing me; scaring me.
Air whips around cautious and wary.
Like a white blanket the snow tops my nest.
The time may be now, but surely my wings can’t hold me yet.
It refreshes me like cut blades of green, green grass.
Its softness is aplenty; I know it’s safe.
It lacks suspicion, doubt, danger.
All a comfort, enveloping me in warmth.
This is it.
The time is now.
So I drop from my security and spread my wings.


Beginning of the End

Abigail Hietbrink

This nest is the beginning of my waking childhood, 
The end of my adolescent wonderings,
The keeper to the secret desires of my restless soul, 
Chamber of my wails and cries from the deepest sorrows of my
spirit, This nest is unbiased, unmoving, unmistakably home, 
Oh only if these shallow walls could listen, 
As the innocent questioning of my youth draws to its indisputable end,
And the nest is no more than a simple shadow on the horizon, 
The little girl is what I will truly come to miss, 
Perched upon the window sill, 
Filled with dreams of comfort and fulfillment that will never come to be,
In her absence is where I’ll find complete sorrow, 
No longer the shallow pain of freedom, but the hollow clink of adulthood, As the wide
eyes of the pure stare straight into my questioning heart, I know that never again will I
see those eyes in their true glory of childlike wonder and innocence, 
A carefree existence seems to have escaped my forever elusive grasp,
This seemingly cheerful existence has tempted me, 
Begging me to succumb to its tantalizing trap, 
Yet this fact was an illusion of fulfillment that would never truly be,
For if I wish to truly become me

A carefree existence is best left in the childlike dreams of an
innocent girl, now walking out the door.


A Haiku

Naomi Brandt

Clinging to branches
Swaying in the cold brisk wind
A warm nest awaits.


Leaving the Nest

Josephine McDonald

My home is warm and safe
Made of sticks, hair, mud,
and my mothers feathers 

She pulled them upon laying us to ensure our comfort 
Though it has sacrificed hers 

I am warm and safe 
But my wings are cramped 
And mother can’t find food fast enough to sustain me 

I’ve seen her fly off thousands of times 
But we are so high up 
And I can’t image what would happen to a ground bound bird 
In a world full or carnivores 

Still I can’t wait here forever 
I step to the edge of my home
And I jump


My Nest

Madison Hol

My nest is high atop a tree,
I look out and can see the world.
The world I someday hope to explore.
To explore the cities,
And the forests.
To explore the fields,
And the meadows.
I want to see it all.
To see the whole world.
But for now, I must be content.
Content in my own little nest.



Erika Sytsma

Nestled between all the ones you love dear.
Moonlight shimmering off your blue feathers.
Family surrounding, holding you near.
All the fond memories you will treasure.

But as all grow bigger, the nest will shrink.
Although you love your flock, you want to leave.
Yearning to fly, you’ve grown up in a blink.
You say goodbye, in yourself you believe.

Jumping out of the nest, you start up high.
Then plummeting, spiraling, down you fall.
Crashing, you know you weren’t ready to fly.
Weighed in defeat, you give up, you feel small.

God has a plan, trust in him is the key.
He knows we will fall, we will make mistakes.
Yet he forgives us, his love we can’t flee.
Surrounded by the flock, love we can’t escape.



Addie Droegemueller

Little bird sleeps
Sunlight stretches across the sky
Wake up, little bird
So you can fly

Robin chirps from overhead
Peachy-purple dawn
Little bird, are you awake?
Can you yawn?

Bee’s wings flutter
Green grass glistens
Wake up, wake up, tiny bird
Time to listen

Eyes peek open
Feathers sigh
Little bird awake
Will you try?

Nest made from sticks and mud
A whole new world to discover
Try it, try it, little bird
Can you hover?

Wings flap open
Don’t be shy
No turning back now
You’re flying high!

Pause for a second
World slows down
Little bird falling
Landing on the ground

Hop, flutter, hop
Up against a tree
Bird inches slowly
And steadily

One foot in, then two
Little bird’s in the nest
No more flying for today

Bird coos softly
Yawns sleepily
Time to rest in your nest
Tomorrow’s a new day


Little, Cozy Nest

Kora Kruid

In a cozy ball all warm and  snug, 
When my mom pecks me awake. 
I open my eyes to blinding light. 
Mom feeds me first, 
And then dad gives me water to quench my thirst. 
I peek my head over the edge of our little nest, 
And begin to look over the vast land. 
I see fields of blooming flowers, 
And squirrels darting around, 
I faintly hear them chittering about whatever they usually talk about. 
Then I see birds flying around, 
And pecking at the green ground. 
And humans, who are very tiny creatures, darting to and fro. 
I turn around and hop about our nest ruffling my feathers
I look up and decide today to be thankful for 
The canopy of branches, flowers, and a few leaves 
That protects my family from the sweltering sun and spring showers. 
I start chasing around my siblings in a game of tag, and 
Then settle down for a mid-morning rest. 
Sun filters through the trees warming me up, 
As my siblings start to lay down next to me 
I sleep the rest of the morning away all cozy and warm, 
With a slight breeze ruffling my feathers. 
Mom once again pecks me awake this time for lunch. 
After lunch, we practice flying 
For almost the whole afternoon. 
I day-dream about the big world one day I’ll explore. 
Slowly dusk begins to fall painting the sky in brilliant, indescribable hues. 
Dad brings us dinner, which I eagerly grab, 
And as stars twinkle around me and my family, 
We all form this one big ball to help each other stay warm. 
Slowly sleepiness overwhelms my tired body, 
And I drift off to sleep 
Together with my family in our little, cozy nest.