Madelyn Verhoef

As I look out of the beautiful casement windows in my bedroom, I look out at the beautiful ocean that overlooks my bedroom. Everyday I look out at the ocean I have made so many memories of. Like the memory of me and my dog running on the beach towards the sunset. Or the other memory of me surfing in the twilight of the night. My room overlooks the beautiful ocean God made. With my bed in the corner and the window bench under the casement window I can watch the beautiful waves crashing against the rocks lining the seashore.  Where the ocean is, is my favorite place to be-any time of day. Even after the harsh climates of winter, the ocean still glistens in the beautiful sunlight. The way the leaves of the new changing season of autumn fall gently in the calm waters of the ocean or the petals of the summer flowers as they fall down softly in the ocean breeze.  The beach that overlooks my bedroom has a beautiful sunflower and daisy field. Those fields are so vast and deep they aren’t phased by any harsh climates. Those fields are the very reason I got a dog. I’ve always wanted a dog to run with in the fields of flowers or take pictures of the little moments in life-to look back at them. I got a cream golden retriever and named her Daisy. Because of all the daisy and sunflower fields we have run in and will still be running in. I can still see Daisy running on the beach even though she is sitting right next to me. Looking out of the window and seeing Daisy makes me remember the very day I got her. Those little eyes so vast and dreamy looked at me and told me she was my Daisy. Looking out of that window makes me recall all the memories of my lifetime and they are still to come. I remember that day when I taught Daisy the ocean and the way of the ocean. At first, you were shy of the ocean but slowly you got used to it. You even got to the point of riding the waves with me. Riding that surfboard together was such a lifelong memory. The times you would whine to go out and go out to the ocean. The moments of licking ice cream in the warm summer heat. Looking at the sunflower field, I remember getting lost there so many times but finding our way back by listening to the ocean waves. Looking out the window I remember, running in the cool ocean water in the twilight of the night. Looking out the window I see the stars and it reminded me of the moment when Daisy and I would set up a picnic blanket and watch the stars that God put in place for us to watch. Looking out at the ocean where I threw your favorite ball in the ocean and you would go and retrieve it. The ocean reminds me of the time when we just sat with each other and talked, then we would listen to the call of nature. Your favorite thing is to swim with me out in the ocean, we would swim with the dolphins and yearn what was out farther. Another thing you loved to do was to jump above the waves like it was a game.

The window in my bedroom will always be there recalling to me all the memories of Daisy and I. Daisy will always be my dog, she will always be by my side. The ocean will always be my favorite place to escape reality and to be in nature. To hear the voice of nature calling us. The sunflower field will always remind me of my favorite flower, of how beautiful it is. The daisy field will always remind me of my journey with Daisy. Me and Daisy will never stop yearning to explore the ocean. God will always be calling us to explore more of His kingdom. I will always be seen as God’s daughter exploring His Greatest Destination.  

Everything  out of that window I will cherish forever.


Windows in General

Caedmon Van Der Molen

A window is a transparent thing,
Sometimes a new image it brings.
It gives you new sight,
When outside is a light,
Though I’m bummed I can’t hear birds sing. 

Tall or short, it lets in the light,
Unless it’s dark, it lets in the night.
Installed by men,
But comes to a bad end,
When it meets a stone coming up from the right. 

A window is the most pane-full thing,
Of its panes it constantly sings.
It will hurt your arm,
If you bring it to harm,
And I am sure that would sting.


The View

Zander Kanis

Mr. Window, you are so clear.
Through your glass I love to peer.
You let in light and refreshing air.
Beside you I daydream, without a care.

In the summer
You flood the room with warm light.
When I look out, green trees and the rushing creek beckon me to play.

During the fall
You are home to crawling ladybugs.
When I gaze out, scrambling squirrels and twisting leaves make me smile.

When winter comes,
Your glass frosts and fogs.
When I survey the frozen, frigid whiteness, I feel safe and warm.

Finally, spring.
Your rain-splashed glass creates music and rainbows.
(Mr. Window, you might need windshield wipers!)
When I hear the pitter-patter of rain and see the whispers of green, I find my reflection.

Mr. Window, do you see me too?


Window to the World

Maddie Hooyer

If you had a window to the world what would you see?
Would what you see fill you with glee?
Or maybe you disagree.
You could look out to the deepest depths of the sea
And observe the creatures that live beneath.
You could see Tennessee
And the mountains you climb happily.
You could look out and enjoy the Sequoia trees
That look like they are looking down at thee. 
But happiness is not a guarantee.
Looking though this window has a fee.
You might see someone bump their knee 
Or being bullied by a meanie.
People who look like they are down in the dumps and not feeling jolly. 
So I have a message for thee:
Stop looking through this window and do something about what you see.
Stand up to those bullies.
Make people feel oh so very happy.
My point is don’t just look through that window to the world and do nothing for anybody.
Make the world a better place for everybody to see.


The Window is Always There for Me

Kaitlyn Ann Weaver

The window is always there for me, 
In the day 
And in the night, 
It is always such a wonderful sight. 

When there is a path uncrossed, 
When I am confused or lost, 
The window is always there for me. 

When I get in trouble, 
And I am stuck in my room, 
When my hands are clenched up in fists, 
I am stressed and about to fume, 
The window is always there for me. 

With the night sky, 
Or a majestic butterfly, 
The window is always there for me. 

With its neat trim, 
So nice and prim, 
When I look out, 
I can’t help but grin, 
The window is always there for me. 

When I am wide awake at night in bed, 
Thinking about school, 
Oh, what a dread. 
Or, what someone said, 
That I can’t get out of my head, 
The window is always there for me. 

Somewhere to space off to, 
And go to a different land. 
Where someone can actually understand, 
somewhere someone can talk to me
firsthand. The window is always there for me. 

When I’m lonely, 
Or afraid,

When I’m trapped, 
Or have been betrayed, 
The window is always there for me.
When I am bored in class, 
And while I wait for time to pass, 
The window is always there for me. 

When there is depression, 
Or self-doubt, 
Anxiety I can’t go without, 
The window is always there for me. 

When I get a bad grade, 
Or the bills have not been paid, 
When I’m having a bad day, 
And don’t have time to even think, or pray,
The window is always there for me. 

In the day, 
And in the night,
The window is always there for me. 


Words Hurt

Ella Beyer

I refuse to look out my window.
Everytime I look out my window, I just hear screams.
Screams that echo what they told me.
They told me I wasn’t ready.
Wasn’t ready for anything past middle school::
The more I thought about it, the more I believed them.
But my brain took it a step further,
I wasn’t ready but in no way was I good enough for anything more.
Could I amount to anything past 8th grade?
They didn’t think so,
And neither do I::
This is why I can never look out my window.
I don’t need the reminder of the world I’m not ready for.
I’m done pondering if I’m good enough for it::
I refuse to look out my window.
I refuse to open the curtain.
How much longer will their words imprison me in the dark?



Taylor Hol

Out my window, I see a mountain
Out my window, I see a brook 
Out my window, I see a forest 
I can see the world from my window.
New and old,
True and fiction
Where is my window?
In a tower full of books


Oh No!

Alaina Herdgen

Oh no!
Oh no, oh no, oh no!

My window is broken,
when it happened I stood frozen.

I was fooling around,
and warming up on the pitching mound.

I decided to throw the ball,
figuring it couldn’t be bad at all.

The ball sailed high,
all the way into the sky.

And then came down,
but it didn’t hit the ground.

Instead it went boom!
Right into my room.

It hit my window,
and then bounced off and hit my big toe.

I went over to take a peek,
and realized it was time to use a new technique.

The window had only cracked,
but I figured it would look attacked.

All of a sudden I knew how to fix it!
I ran and grabbed my colorful tape kit.

I came back and picked out a kind,
and soon my window was out of my mind.

It was a work of art,
I was so smart.

I found a way to fix my mistake,
and now that’s all I can take.

Now I don’t think I can,
fix another window again.


Out My Window

Zohee Hammons

When I look out my window I see Paris, the most beautiful place in the world.
I can smell the fresh baked Croissants, Chocolate Pie, and Baguettes as I open my window to let in some fresh air.
I can hear the romantic music and the pigeons tweeting a song themselves. 
I can taste the romantic chocolate and delicious shirley temple drinks.
I can feel the coldness of the railing going up the stairs of the Eiffel tower.
Finally I can see the most wonderful dancing of ballet on the stage of the famous ballet studio in Paris.


Picture Frame

Natalee Beeler

When I wake up in the morning
I look out at the sunrise.
I open up the curtains wide
And take a look outside. 

I see the sunshine.
I see the rain.
I hear a thundering noise
And see a train. 

The window is my giant picture frame,
It can show me different things.

It keeps the rain out.
I see Daddy coming home,
Up the steps,
Opens the door. 

The sun is setting with beautiful colors.
My big picture frame can show me the world.



Xavier Beeler

A window is not very intelligent
It doesn’t know how to tie a shoe,
Find the square root of 16 – it’s 4.
But it won’t let in the rain or snow.
So if you do the math and tie the shoes,
He’ll keep out the rain and snow.


Loneliness Looks Through the Window

Tabetha Tangen

Looking from the outside in, 
A shadow falls out in the cold. 
Internal sadness, lack of trust-unloved. 
Loneliness shatters the soul like glass. 
Shades block the sadness out, 
Like light blocks the dark, 
Seeing through the pane. 
The window’s lines blur the view, 
But I can see the light. 
Looking from the inside out, 
A ray of light flies into the room. 
Hope beams, starting to see, new beginnings reflect;
Joy’s bright, shines through the window. 
Transparency leads to happiness, 
I can feel the sunlight through the window-Loved. 


My Little Window

Isabel Brandt

Looking out through my little window, in the winter I see the snow,
In the spring I see plants grow.
In the summer I see the boats row,
In the fall I see the leaves drop low.

Through my little window at night I see the stars,
My window is so clear I can see Mars!
In the day I can see the clouds in the sky,
I see the birds and the sun up so high.

I can see everything I need
Just through my little window.


The Monstrous Surprise

Riley Christen

In this city where everyone and everything was grey
Buildings built with bare stone walls I sit near my window watching the raindrops fall.
The smoke in the air is finally gone I can see through my window and look at everyone
There are people outside and their masks are pulled down, no more smoke is in the air, it is a clean town.
The sky is blue, there is no grey around.
The air is normal and letting the rain pour down.
Sitting at home was a normal thing, but the air isn’t contaminated so now going outside is the next new thing.
People in fear still stay and hide.
All my family wants is to survive.
The air turned black at the speed of sound.
The monsters are all out and people go down
I sit there waiting for anyone to make a sound.
When the light comes back the people are gone.
But I’m safe inside where there are no monsters around.
I watched out my window not making a sound.
The sun is no longer shining and the world must go down.



Marlaina Lightkeeper

I sit on a bench 
Placed next to a clear glass window 
That breaks apart the black and gray washed walls. I
remain perched on my knees, that lay painted in scars,
Matching my hands, and arms, 
Peering through tears in my eyes 
My head drops up and down, 
Petered out from the work brought by the Lord. 
My eyes set upon a young, laughing family, 
Walking along a sidewalk on the unpaved, cobblestone streets,
The assumed to be mother and father chuckle, 
Pointing towards their youngest, with a face full of color, A
repercussion of the giant lollipop in the child’s hand,
As I watch them prance along the sidewalk, I listen.
Not to the clan of the loved, but the inside of the house I’m in.
I listen to the dishes break, 
My stepfather yell, 
And my mother scream. 
I feel a tear slide down my dry, inflamed face. 
It stings as it trails across my chapped skin. 
As I begin to stare back out of the window, the family is gone.
Oh, how I wish to have a family like that, 
I wish I could have a sweet treat on a saturday afternoon,
I wish I didn’t have to worry when my next meal is,
I wish I had never looked out of that window.


The Clear Window: A Haiku

Katie Droegemueller

In the clear window,
a fuzzy orange cat sits,
watching the birds fly.



Ava Hoefer

They use you to give away pieces, Pieces of your past that are only in your hearing. 
And when once spoken, Can never be unspoken again,
Waiting to be spilled out into the air like a cold foggy sky.

They rip at your skin, When they are just above your chin,
Waiting for you to nibble and put all effort into them.

Secrets blast at your hearing, and they make you feel as if your drowning,
Drowning in a pile of fears, worries, and mistakes, That nobody once wanted to hear.

Secrets tell a story. A story once about someone’s past.
Hearing from deep to low voices, Tall and small visions,
And different kinds of ears wanting to hear your past.

Secrets want you.
And you want them, We all know it.

They keep people under your skin. Having an impact on what they do.
They make people flinch, squirm, and lay around wishing they hadn’t heard.

When secrets get out, there’s no way out.
They bury you in them, and weep your reflection into them piece by piece.

Some secrets may be small but others may be big.
Big enough to take you down, Small enough to bring you up.

Either way, they bring you to your worst.
They bring you to your worst nightmare ever, A Secret.


The Window to the Soul

Miriam Michmerschuizen

They say the eye is the window to the soul;
Well, if that’s true then why is the life outside so dull?
If this window is who I am
then my life is pretty sad, like a blood-stained lamb.
What I see through this window is an Earth,
An Earth with people being told they have no worth,
An Earth with people needing help and no one even noticing,
An Earth where people struggle with everything, even just focusing.
People can close their window and pretend everything is fine.
What can I do to show you a sign,
That behind that window there is a world that is dying?
Behind that window the truth is horrifying.
Behind that window everyone is struggling.
The real truth behind that window is so very troubling.
Why can’t we fix the window instead of just taping it shut?
The longer left unfixed it makes a bigger cut.
The problems behind that window won’t go away with ignorance.
It seems all who look through that window are lost in a trance,
As if they were in a simulation where behind that window everything is perfect,
Because the truth that lies behind that window is that the world we live in is wrecked.
When I look through that window it takes over my mind.
I can’t stop worrying about how it seems everyone is blind.
Every time I even think about the window I want to die.
When I see all those people outside the window I just want to cry.
When I start to think about that window I feel like a black hole,
But I guess what they say is true because thinking about that window really does touch my soul.


My Cozy Little Window

Zachary Systsma

I have a cozy spot
that I really like a lot.
It’s a chair by my window
where I really like to go.
Out my window,
I see the snow,
but now I must go 
to my cozy little window


The Window

Ainsley Groenendyk

A window is a place where you watch time go by.
It’s a place to relax.

It’s a place to make memories.
For maybe cooling pies.

My favorite window was the kitchen window,
It was a big clear window above the kitchen sink.

You could see the pool, the playground, the maple tree and the sand box.
It was my happy place.

In the summer my mom would make warm apple pies. 
She would set them in the window. 

The breeze would cool them off, 
Then we would sit down to eat them.

My sister Hayden and I would smell the pies
And come running.

One year it was cracked, the next it was replaced
I loved that window, indeed I did.


The Window

Mariel Michmershuizen

It’s just a window
See through, 
An ordinary white frame
But it’s so much more to me
It’s the window that I looked out so many times
Watching my mom or dad escort my sister
My sick, tired, nauseous sister
They lay her in the back seat Then drive off
Off into the sunset,
But not for a good reason
Usually because her shunt was acting up 
“She needs brain surgery again”
The doctors say
“She needs brain surgery”
The words haunt my thoughts
Will she live
Will she see the wonderful colors of the world again?
Will they drive back into the driveway with her?
Or with the worst news imaginable?
“She didn’t make it”
I haven’t had to hear those words Muttered yet 
We visit her
Either a 91.3 Mile journey or a 983 Mile journey 
I cry for her
I wonder if she is as scared as I am
She’s gone through this numerous times
To many times to count
She gets a bead everytime she has surgery 
She has a bucket full of beads
Its sad, I wonder how her life feels, Its sad
I feel sad for her 
But that does no good, 
So I pray for her
She lives, She comes home alive and well  
So I praise God for keeping her safe, once again
So I stare out the window, Watching her come back
Back inside, To the house where she was when it all began
The peace is restored, The storm has faded 
We’re in the clear…
but it happens again
“She needs surgery”
I go back to the window, Tears in my eyes 
The words filling my brain, 
Bursting out my eyes,
Spilling out my mouth,
Shooting out of my body 
“She needs surgery”
So I go back to…
The window 



Lauren Van Kley

Refreshing the soul, sharpening the mind,
A soft breeze blowing until the end of time.
The way to the eyes, a passage to the soul, 
Opening so wide with air warm and cold.
Reaching for hope, reaching for time,
A freedom for many opportunities divine. 
Spate and snowfall, through and through,
All being seen, all through you.
But through the years the once clean and blissful,
Soon become murky, all to wistful.
Opening, closing, opening again,
Life through a window is no life then.



Elizabeth Demuth

Blue bird fluttering by,
Across the cloudy grey sky,
Hear the cars zooming by,
Up the mountain, up so high.
See the curtains flowing,
Like the water rippling with the canoe’s rowing,
Outside the window there are lots of wonders, you see, 
Some are big catastrophes,
But there are some beautiful, things outside the window,
The big yellow dandelions, dancing in the wind,
and the busy bee’s buzz, buzz, buzzing throughout town,
Rain goes tap, tap on the hard, clear, glass,
Then the rain turns into thunder, making the people shudder,
Outside the window there are lots of wonders, you see.


Light, Dark

Stella Rhamy

Clear, Cheerful,
Glistening, Bright, darkgloomy,
shady, sad


The Man From The Window

Ephraim Vande Kieft

In the window, there may be a man seeing everything you do 
Left and right he’s on the move
He may be in the window or an ally 
All we know is that he is in every valley 
The man waits for 5 minutes to let you hide And if he finds you he will be filled with pride When he comes inside you might want to hide He will give a peep under the place you sleep You may think he’s going to give up but your wrong You can’t scare him away even with a gong 
He will look in the fridge he will look under the sink 
He will look in the laundry even if it stinks 
Don’t expect him to be gone 
He will find you and you will think it is going to be long 
And he will find you no matter the cost 
After 5 minutes have passed you might think he’s gone and your right But he will come back and give you another fright 



Harper Guess

Bright, Cheery
Opening, Inviting, Welcoming, Happy, Lively, – Closed, Gloomy Darkening,
Unpleasing, Saddening Closed-off, Dull Shutters



Brielle Van Zee

Fresh smell of cut grass and lilacs
Makes me so relaxed

Taste of the sweet honey,
Oh there goes a bunny

Hip, hop, hip, hop,
Open window