Long Lost Friend
Jessica Van Der Molen

I ran into ol’ what’s his name,
That guy we used to know.
He waved at me from ‘cross the store
So I waved…or said hello.

He said his wife’s been itchin’
For some plums (or was it pears?).
I told him I should get some too,
(But I think I left them there.)

I asked about his daughter,
And he said his son is well.
He seemed a bit confused,
But for why, I couldn’t tell.

His father passed last year,
From a heart attack (or stroke?),
He seemed a decent fellow
From the way my ol’ friend spoke.

We headed to the check out,
Him with plums (or pears?), and me,
Well, I reached in my pocket
And my cash was absentee!

I set my basket down
And shook my head—I wonder where…
Good thing I hadn’t found
A thing to buy while I was there!

And as we strolled out of the store,
We waved goodbye, and he—
He had that same blue truck
(Or was it green?) from ‘63!

Say what? You still need eggs?
THAT was the thing I should’ve bought!
Now where’d I put my keys…
I’m sorry, dear—I plum forgot!