In A Breath
Hannah Ridgway

New life; fresh birth
First year on earth
Time makes you forget how it hurt.

Seven years; so young.
Life feels made for fun
Learning, forgetting, regretting the hurt of the tongue. 

Thirteen; “drama queen”
Why are all these girls so mean?
Don’t let me forget the principles you’ve instilled in me.

Eighteen now; I don’t know how.
Time is flying, won’t you show down?
I’ll remember the lessons, I need to thank you somehow.

Now I’m grown; on my own?
Who will be the one to share my home?
So glad I’ve found you, love; my soul mate here on heavenly loan.

Family blessed; who needs rest?
So much better than the very best.
Time cherished; frustrations perish, the second you lay your head on my chest.

Empty nest: who would have guessed
This clean house could make me feel oppressed.
I had forgotten the sweetness of your beautiful mess.

Hand in hand; Growing old on our land.
I am thankful to live out this beautiful plan
Until God takes one of us back up home, into his Righteous hand.

Alone again, like life began.
Quiet, almost peaceful; my timer is almost out of sand
Will I forget all these memories once in Beulah Land?

One step; just a breath
Life is ending; but I know I couldn’t forget.
The life I have lived was beautiful and oh so blessed.

And I know with Jesus it doesn’t end with death.